Music Studies term papers

What is Music Studies?

Music Studies in an area of study that focuses on the teaching, learning, and history of music.  At the university level, Music Studies often also supports interdisciplinary subject areas such as music appreciation, details concerning the music business, music psychology, ethnomusicology, music education historiography, philosophy of education, and sociomusicology.  Music Studies available to younger students is generally referred to as music education studies and applies to kindergarten through twelfth grade students.


Majoring or Minoring in Music Studies

There are a few different types of Music Studies programs than an individual can opt to enroll in as a university student.  Depending of the educational institution, Music Studies is available to students as an undergraduate program granting a Bachelor’s Degree of Music, of Music Education, of Music Therapy, of Arts in Music, or of Science in Music Industry Studies (other Music Studies undergraduate degrees are offered and vary from university to university).  Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to declare Music Studies as a minor while working towards a Bachelor’s Degree with a different major.  Music Studies can also be pursued at a graduate level, granting the student a Master’s of Music in Performance or Master’s of Music Therapy, just to name a few of the Master’s Degrees available.  Additionally, Music Studies is also available by some educational institutions as a certificate granting study for those students seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in another area of study.  Music Studies majors may seek internships while pursuing their degree to aid in the understanding of the field.  Internships are especially helpful for those students seeking degrees concerning the music industry of music therapy. 


Careers Opportunities for Music Studies Majors

Music Studies majors have a variety of job opportunities available to them both in and out of the music industry.  Some job fields that a Music Studies Major may wish to look into includes: careers in music education, careers in music performance, or careers in the music business or music industry.  Some examples of these types of careers include: Architectural acoustic monitor, music software programmer, armed forces band member, music store manager, music teacher or professor, film music editor, instrument service specialist, music therapist, musician, composer or arranger, conductor, music critic, journalist or publicist, music promoter, church or organization music director, cruise director, music reporter, studio musician, tour manager, D.J., technical writer, union contractor, or voice teacher just to name a few.

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