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What is the Military?

One definition of the military states that it is “Of or pertaining to soldiers, to arms, or to war; belonging to, engaged in, or appropriate to the affairs of war.”  Essentially, the military is an organized group of individuals, equipment, and weapons authorized by a country’s government and its people to use lethal force in the defense of its home nation by combating or challenging real or perceived threats.  There are many branches of the military depending on where the military is located geographically.  Similarly, there are a number of different names used for the military and the branches of it by many different countries.  In the United States, the military includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the National Guard.


Careers in the Military

Career options in the military are highly dependent on an individual’s education level.  College educated individuals generally have the benefit of starting off their military career as an officer, as opposed to an enlisted individual.  The advantages of joining the military as an officer as pretty straight forward.  In addition to a higher rate of pay than enlisted soldiers, these individuals also have leadership or seniority positions in the branch of the military they chose to join.  There are many types of officer positions that a college educated individual could seek in the military.  Some of these officer positions include: combat specialty officers, engineering, science, and technical officers, executive, administrative, and managerial officers, healthcare officers, human resource development officers, media and public affairs officers, protective service officers, support services officers, and transportation officers.  On the other hand, non-college educated individuals, while receiving lower pay, still have a number of opportunities they can pursue in the military.  Some of the careers available to enlisted soldiers include: administrative personnel, combat specialty personnel, construction personnel, electronic and electrical equipment repair personnel, engineering, science, and technical personnel, healthcare personnel, human resources development personnel, machine operator and production personnel, media and public affairs personnel, protective service personnel, support service personnel, transportation and material handling personnel, vehicle and machinery mechanical personnel.  For better career opportunities, an individual may also choose to apply for military school, which can boost them up to an officer position or a higher officer rating if the individual was already enlisted as an officer. 


Details on Military Studies

According to Penn State University, Military Studies “is roughly defined as the technique, psychology, practice and other phenomena which constitute war and armed conflict.  It emphasizes resources in three areas- Aerospace Studies, Military Affairs, and Naval Science.”  Military Studies also emphasizes the study of materials and topics associated with military science, which includes politics, diplomacy, history, and law.

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