Latin-American Studies term papers

What is Latin-American Studies?

Put simply, Latin-American Studies is the in depth study of the region of Latin America, Latin-American history, and the Latin American people.  Latin-American Studies is an interdisciplinary program where students takes classes in a variety of different departments such as Anthropology, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Economics, History, Geography, Literature, Political Science, and Foreign Language. 


History of Latin-American Studies

In states such as California and Texas, the link between Americans and the Latin-American community is rich both economically and culturally.  Latin-American Studies in these states and across the United States has improved the level of understanding individuals have for the unique Latin-American culture, as well as the opportunities for individuals to work within the Latin-American communities either in the United States of abroad.    


Majoring or Minoring in Latin-American Studies

Depending of the educational institution, Latin-American Studies is available to students as an undergraduate program granting a Bachelor’s Degree, or as a graduate program granting a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D.  Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to declare Latin-American Studies as a minor while working towards a Bachelor’s Degree with a different major.  Similarly, Latin-American Studies is also available by some educational institutions as a certificate granting study for those students seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in another area of study.  Latin-American Studies majors are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs offered through their respective universities.  The study abroad programs offer the student with the opportunity to experience firsthand the everyday life of Latinos and to study Latin history and language in various Latin countries with native speakers and Latin university professors.     


Career Opportunities for Latin-American Studies Majors

Latin-American Studies, like many other ethnic studies majors, is a basic liberal arts degree.  This means that the Latin-American studies student has a vast array of career opportunities available to them following graduation and obtaining their respective degrees.  Common career opportunities for students with a Latin-American Studies degree includes: International Business Consultant, Foreign Student Advisor, International Relations Specialist, FBI or CIA agent, Consumer Advocate, Journalist, teacher or university professor, ESL teacher, teacher for foreign school (abroad), customs or immigration officer, or cultural affairs officer.  Fields where Latin-American Studies students can seek successful employment includes international marketing, communications, international banking, interpretation, or foreign services.  Latin-American Studies majors may also choose to continue their education at the graduate level, if they were an undergraduate major, or to the doctoral level, if they were previously a graduate student.

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