Jewish Studies term papers

What is Jewish Studies?

Jewish Studies, also referred to as Judaic Studies, is the interdisciplinary study of the religion of Judaism and the Jewish people.  California State University Northridge explains, “The field of Jewish Studies explores the rich heritage of Jewish people.  Using the methodology of different academic disciplines, it examines the experience of Jews in the many lands in which they have lived over the past four thousand years, as well as contemporary Jewish life in Israel, Europe, Asia, and Americas.  Jewish Studies incorporates aspects from religious studies, history, political science, geography, archeology, Jewish language, and ethnic studies among others (depending on the educational institution).  Jewish Studies may also incorporate aspects of religious study as it relates to the Jewish people and their beliefs as a people.        


Majoring or Minoring in Jewish Studies

Depending on the educational institution, Jewish Studies is available to students as an undergraduate program granting a Bachelor’s Degree, or as a graduate program granting a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D.  Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to declare Jewish Studies as a minor while working towards a Bachelor’s Degree with a different major.  Similarly, Jewish Studies is also available as a certificate granting study for those students seeking a Bachelor’s Degree in another area of study.  Jewish Studies majors are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs offered through their respective universities.  The study abroad programs offer the student with the opportunity to experience firsthand the everyday life of a Jew and to study Jewish history and language in Israel with native speakers and Israeli university professors.     


Career Opportunities for Jewish Studies Majors

Jewish Studies, similar to other college majors such as International Relations, is what is known as a liberal arts degree.  As such, Jewish Studies majors have a variety of options in regards to career choices.  According to Indiana University Bloomington, “Jewish Studies alumni pursue careers in fields as diverse as education, political activism, administration, scholarly research, journalism, business, public relations, medicine, social work, and the clergy."  Students who majored or minored in  a Jewish Studies program, in addition to the many career choices above, have also gone on to continue their education and pursue advance degrees in many different fields such as law or psychology. 

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