International Relations term papers

What are International Relations?

International Relations, also known as International Studies, “is a multi-disciplinary major that draws from politics, history, economics, law, sociology, psychology, philosophy, ethics, and geography” (The Princeton Review, 2012).  Brown University explains the field of International Relations as a “concentration organized around a multidisciplinary core that provides students with solid grounding in five different ways of the thinking around the world, and the following two sub-themes that combine macro and micro ethnographic perspectives and methods into the study of International Relations: security and society and Political economy and society” (Brown University). 


Studying International Relations

Depending on the educational institution, International Relations can be studied in an undergraduate program for a Bachelor’s Degree, as a minor to accompany a separate major in an undergraduate program, or in a graduate program for a Master’s degree.  Some universities may also offer a certificate granting program in International Relations for students already enrolled in a separate degree granting major through the school.  International Relations majors will study topics “dealing with foreign cultures, languages, worldviews and values” (The Princeton Review, 2012).  There are a number of different International Relations internships offered through different universities and organizations.  These internships, that can be completed while the student is still in school, allow the individual to gain a better understanding of the type of work they can expect to do in the field and put their newly obtained knowledge to use. 


Career Opportunities for International Relations Students

Since a Bachelor’s or Master’s in International Relations falls under the category of a liberal arts degree, there is no direct career path for graduates.  Instead, this type of degree provides an individual with the opportunity to pursue many different career paths based on the vast array of knowledge they have acquired.  According to the Harvard Kennedy School, International Relations is a “concentration [that] is intended for individuals seeking to become internationally focused policymakers in national, regional, and local government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations” (2012).  Some common International Relations jobs include Foreign Affairs Analyst, Diplomat, Foreign Affairs Specialist, Immigration Specialist, Foreign Service Officer, Journalist, Intelligence Specialist, Demographer, Language Specialist, or Market Research Analyst.  There is also a vast array of additional government positions available for International Relations majors. 

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