Holocaust Studies term papers

What is Holocaust Studies

Holocaust Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the events that led up to and encompass the Holocaust.  Its focus is on giving students a critical and in-depth analytical understanding of the circumstances that caused and allowed the Holocaust to take place.  Holocaust Studies programs focus primarily on history, sociology, psychology, literature, Jewish studies, international development, political science and intercultural studies in order for students to fully comprehend the complex subject matter.  Some Holocaust Studies programs may also provide students the opportunity to examine xenophobia, racism, and governmental abuses of power and how these topics related to the Holocaust.  Many Holocaust Studies programs will also include Genocide Studies, which explores Jewish genocide during the Holocaust as well as the genocide of other groups of peoples by Nazi Germany.  Recent issues in genocide may also be discussed depending on the educational program.

 History of Holocaust Studies

Holocaust Studies has been evolving since the early nineties, with more and more universities offering Holocaust Studies programs.  The push for further education concerning the Holocaust was spurred by concerned teachers seeking innovative ways to preserve the history of the Holocaust while exploring the circumstances around the event.

Majoring in Holocaust Studies

Depending on the university, Holocaust Studies is offered to students as either a major or minor in an undergraduate program, granting a Bachelor’s Degree, or it can be pursued in a graduate program, granting a Master’s Degree from a number of different universities and graduate schools.  Additionally, a Holocaust Studies Certificate may be obtained while pursuing a different major through an undergraduate or graduate program.  Internships for Holocaust Studies can be completed at many Holocaust museums and memorials across the world and offer students the opportunity to dive deeper into their field of study and share their knowledge with the general public. 

Career Opportunities for Holocaust Studies Majors

With a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Holocaust Studies, an individual has prepared himself or herself to pursue a career in a variety of different fields including politics, international relations, social work, law, psychology, sociology, or criminal justice.  However, the primary career paths for those who choose to major in Holocaust Studies are teaching, Holocaust museum or memorial curator, historical researcher, Historical directors, human rights activist, or historian.  Those with  a Master’s in Holocaust Studies may pursue a teaching career at the university level, while a Bachelor’s Degree in Holocaust Studies allow an individual to teach at the kindergarten through twelfth grade level.     

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