History term papers

What is History?

History, as defined by Webster's online dictionary, is "a systematic, written account of events, particularly of those affecting a nation, institution, science, or art, and usually conected with a philosophical explanation of their causes; a true story, as distinguished from a romance".  From this definition, we can very easily conclude that history is all-encompassing.  There are military histories, economic histories, cultural histories, geological histories, scientific histories, art histories, social histories, and more.  

Earning a History Degree in College

A history degree is a liberal arts degree and, as a liberal arts degree, it can act as an effective stepping stone to a wide range of jobs.  In fact, liberal arts degrees are valued and sought out by many employers.  History degrees, in particular, encourage the development and use of  analytical, research, writing, public speaking, and organizational skills.  History majors can choose to concentrate their studies on certain regions such as Asian, American, European or World history or themes such as economic history, gender history, intellectual history and more.

Writing a History Paper

Given the definition of history provided above, we can know that writing a history paper can be a somewhat daunting task.  To write a history paper that you can be proud of requires keeping in mind certain key points.

For example, be acutely aware that a critical aspect of writing a history paper, is locating credible, reliable sources.  Fortunately, reliable sources can be easily obtained from public libraries, university libraries, newspapers and journals, and Internet sites.  The actual selection of your sources is also a critical aspect of writing a quality history paper.  Making this selection will depend on your interpretation and understanding of your topic, your sources, and the type of paper you're writing, regardless of whether it's an analytical history paper, a research history paper, a narrative history paper etc.

Yet another critical aspect of writing a history paper is the need to apply critical thinking skills so that you can correctly analyze and interpret the history topic at hand.  Afterall,  learning and using critical thinking skills is what college is all about.   Critical thinking means thinking clearly and rationally, and interpreting and making sense of facts in a logical manner.  Writing essays, such as history papers, helps you hone and demonstrate what you've learned.

Finally, it is also extremely important to find the right topic for your history paper.  When choosing history paper topics, you should search for topics that are not only interesting to both you and your readers, but also manageable in terms of scope and sources.  Unfortunately, the fact that the subject material is virtually endless, makes choosing the topic difficult.  In fact, finding the right topic is probably one of the most difficult aspects of writing a history paper.   Do try to find a history topic that is not too broad or obscure.  Focusing on specific history topics or narrowed down history topics is the best approach to take.

Career Opportunities for History Majors

Career opportunities for history majors are diverse and plentiful.  Educators, researchers, writers, managers, and lawyers are just a few of the career paths often followed by graduates with a degree in history.  The writing skills, critical analysis skills, research skills, and interdisciplinary approach to thinking that are all learned and developed while studying history in college, make a degree in history an asset to job seekers. 

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