Gender and Sexuality term papers

What is Gender and Sexuality?

Gender is defined as characteristics that define femininity and masculinity in a person, sometimes also referring to a third gender. The term can be used when referring to sex, gender roles or gender identity. Sexuality, on the hand hand, is the way someone is attracted to another person (whether the opposite or same sex).  Sexuality is not directly connected to gender.

Different Gender Theories

The concepts of gender and sexuality have triggered many theories through the ages, with many arguing about the form of gender study.  Some theorists abide by the idea that one is not born a particular gender; instead one becomes a gender. However, some theorists don't hold this view and believe that our gender is predetermined by the sex we are born. Gender studies examines these different theories and shows how they have developed into entire schools of thought such as feminist studies.

Studies in Gender and Sexuality

Gender and sexuality studies are sometimes offered as a single course, and other times they are offered as individual studies, borrowing from each others' disciplines to examine ideas and theories. Gender studies is a multidisciplinary academic field which examines gender identity and gender representation.  A typical gender studies course will cover fields such as Men's Studies, Women's Studies, LGBT Studies and more.

When offered together as a joined course, Gender and Sexuality studies typically cover these concepts in relation to literature, sociology, political science, history, anthropology and various forms of media such as TV and film, in advertising and the arts.

Gender Studies Major

Courses in gender and sexuality differ from school to school, but a typical course will teach methods and content in history, humanities, social science, theory and global context.  Gender and sexuality theory will be applied to feminist theory, queer theory and men and masculinity studies. Focus is placed on an appreciation and understanding of human diversity.  Students are taught to write clearly and creatively, defend academic ideas and apply theories of gender and sexuality to new problems.  Texts such as Anne Fausto-Sterling's Sexing the Body are used to convey ideas and theories.

Careers with a Gender and Sexuality Studies Major

Graduates of a Gender and Sexuality Studies course have the opportunity to branch out into many fields such as social services, law, health and politics, including support services in agencies and non-profit organizations, corporate affirmative action coordinators, political campaigning, congressional staff, human rights staff for governmental or international organizations, family services administrators, and more.  

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