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What is Film Studies?

The study of film is an academic discipline that focuses on theory, history and critical approaches to film through the ages. Film studies examines the implications of the cinema from an economic, narrative, artistic and political perspective.  The study of film is less concerned with the production aspects of this media such as film streaming, and more with the way the field impacts society.

The History of Film studies

It was only in the 20th Century that the academic field of film studies emerged, when academics started viewing cinema as an art, and thus began the process of critical response to this art. In the 1950s, a new form of film making emerged, where the director was given more leeway and artistic freedom, and film studies were developed as a response to these new works of art in around the 1960s.  From 1965, universities started offering film studies as individual courses in their media departments, and, later, as a full major.  There wasn't one school in particular that created the field of film studies.  Instead, it was a steady process that took place over several years, where academics and the film industry itself started documenting, analyzing and criticizing movies as they were produced.  Over the years, philanthropists have made sizable donations to universities in a bid to encourage the theoretical aspect of film studies.

Courses in Film Studies

Film studies differs immensely from institution to institution. A film studies major is essentially a program in the visual arts which  studies the history, theory, development and criticism of film, with many courses incorporating basic principles of film making and film production.  Some programs are co-joined with the study of other medias such as video and television, while others are used as individual courses to delve deeper into other disciplines such as history, culture, European studies and more.  

There are over 100 schools in the United States alone which offer film studies as a major, although they certainly don't limit studies to American films only. The examination of foreign films, such as those coming out of the Indian industry (which is the biggest film industry in the world), is a requirement for many courses.

Careers Opportunities with a Film Studies Degree

Naturally, a degree in film studies will no doubt take graduates to careers centered around the film or media industry in one way or another. Opportunities include careers as a critic or in the directing and production of films. Graduates will usually come out of their courses with a knowledge of conceptual shifts in film and the direction of film in the future, which may be helpful in careers such as actor recruiting, film making and other media disciplines.

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