Drama and Theater term papers

What is Drama and Theater?

Drama and theater studies focus on the development of creative skills and on honing analytical and communications skills.  This is accomplished through the study, exploration and appreciation of drama and theater.  Emphasis is placed on drama and theater theory, history and performance and the discipline takes an interdisciplinary and cross cultural approach to its studies.

Who Should Pursue Studies in Drama and Theater?

Anyone interested in pursuing a degree in drama and theater should exhibit enthusiasm for acting and theater of all forms ranging anywhere  from ancient Greek drama and ancient Greek theater to modern theater and drama.  An  enthusiasm for watching, performing, discussing, and writing about drama and theater are key to succeeding in this discipline.  It is also helpful to enjoy teamwork and to be a team playing.

Skills Developed that Drama and Theater Students Develop

Students of drama and theater learn a number of important skills both specifically related to their chosen field of study as well as indirectly related.  Specific skills related to drama and theater include creative thinking skills, analytical and interpretive skills, and practical theater skills such as directing, performing, stage lighting, and stage design.  More general skills, but equally important, are literacy skills, organizational skills, planning and presentation skills, research skills, and teamwork.

Career Options

The graduate of drama and theater has a number of career opportunities available and these too fall under  employment areas that are both directly related to the field and indirectly related to the field.  Examples of careers that are directly related to the drama and theater discipline include acting, directing, drama critics, play writing, production, radio presenter, script writing, stage management, teaching,  theater management, etc.  Other positions where a degree in drama and theater would be valued, but are not directly related to the discipline, are as community workers, journalists, marketing managers, personnel managers, and more. 

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