Dance term papers

What is Dance?

Dance is considered an art form as well as a form of recreation.  As a form of recreation, dance has a long history and is evident in all cultures and across generations.  It is used as a source of fun and companionship.  As an art form, dance can be a form of expression,  a performance, or a spiritual ceremony.  Dance as an art form usually involves rhythmic movement, steps, or motions made in time to music. 

History of Dance

Evidence suggests that, in ancient civilizations, dance was a ritual used either to placate the gods or as a rite of passage.  We also see evidence of dance used as a ritual in the early Greek, Egyptian, and Hindu civilizations.  But dance has also long been a source of recreation and entertainment and it is this purpose that most likely gave rise to ballet, an art form first developed in France in the 16th century. Ballet continued to evolve and to become more sophisticated and artistic during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.  Modern dance came about in the 20th century as an outgrowth of ballet and as a sort of revolution away from the strict definition of dance that ballet provided.  From modern dance, then grew postmodern dance, which we saw in the 1960s followed by contemporary dance of today.  Different types of contemporary dance include jazz, tap, hip-hop, swing, contra, country, square, ballroom, break dancing and many more.

Careers in Dance

People interested in establishing a career in dance can pursue a number of different options that might satisfy their interest.  Possible careers include administrators, choreographers, critics, educators, performers, and writers.  To pursue this career path, it is advisable to earn a degree in dance.  To earn a degree in dance, classes in dance composition, dance history, dance production, rhythmic analysis, dance criticism, and dance philosophy are typically required, although each institution will differ in its requirements.

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