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What are Computer and Technology Studies?

Technology is ubiquitous.  It pervades all parts of our lives.  Its definition is broad and comprehensive.  In general terms, technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge and the scientific method for practical and industrial purposes.  Under this broad definition fall technological devices such as cell phones, telephones, televisions, airplanes, microwave ovens, video players, computers, the Internet, and more.  Each of these devices are a result of the technological advances made in one of the many fields of technology.  Computers, for example, fall under the computer science or computer engineering field of technology.  This is a major technological field, but there are many others such as  aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, information technology, environmental engineering, etc.

The History of Technology

While we tend to think of technology in more recent terms, technological discoveries and inventions have been taking place since early civilizations and each of these advances brought us closer to the technological developments we enjoy today.  Some notable examples of early technological innovations are the abacus from approximately 2400 BC, the binary system from approximately 300 BC, the first mechanical clock from 724 BC, the Gutenberg printing press in 1450, the ball bearing by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1500, the pendulum in 1581 by Galileo and again the microscope in 1609.  These are just a fraction of major technological milestones in the history of civilization and all have contributed to the development of the technology we use today.

Benefits of Technology

Technology has clearly revolutionized the world in which we live and with that revolution it has brought improvements to our lives in many areas.  The ease with which we can travel and transport is markedly improved, medical technology such as vaccines, antibiotics, and painless surgical procedures have vastly improved our health and well-being, advances in agricultural technology have improved the way we feed the world, and computers and the Internet have made it possible to communicate and work with people from around the world in ways never before thought possible.

Disadvantages of Technology

With all the progress reaped from technological advances, however, there are also negative consequences.  One of the biggest drawbacks is  environmental degradation. Today, most of the severe pollution in our environment is a direct result of the technology we use. Another negative effect of technology is the rapid pace of our lives and the stress resulting from that rapid pace. Information overload, a constant and continuous connection to work, and the threat of military technology falling into the wrong hands are a few other examples of the negative consequences of technology.

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