Child, Youth Issues term papers

Common Child and Youth Issues

Child and youth issues are many and varied, reaching into the realms of education, law, health, labor, abuse, civil rights, safety, violence, family, and poverty.   Within these areas are more specific issues such as child care issues, child development issues, child support issues, family issues, divorce, child labor, child custody, and myriad social issues.

Organizations that Deal with Child and Youth Issues

Fortunately, there are many different national and international organizations dedicated to dealing with the harmful social, physical, and emotional issues that children face today.  There are advocacy groups, child welfare organizations, and service organizations.  Examples of some organizations devoted to the protection and welfare of children include the International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Save the Children, Feed the Children, Free the Children, and the UN Refugee Agency.  All of these organizations and many more focus on the protection, health, safety, and development of all children regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, or disability.

Child and Youth Development

A great deal of research has been conducted that concerns child and youth development and what affects that development both positively and negatively.  As a result, there are numerous theories dealing with what causes some of the problems youth face today such as obesity, bullying, suicide, and eating disorders to name a few.  There are also many different family and children-centered therapies to help children deal with the issues they face.  People interested in these issues, and the related theories and therapies often choose to study and work in child development.


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