Chemistry term papers

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a natural science that focuses on identification of the substances, structure and properties of which matter is composed. In particular, chemistry is concerned with the chemical reactions and interactions of those substances.  Chemistry is also viewed as a bridge between the science of physics and other natural sciences such as astronomy and biology.

Branches of Chemistry

There are numerous different branches of chemistry with each specializing in a certain study.  Some of the more well-known branches include analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry,  and physical chemistry.  Other branches include astrochemisty, chemical engineering, electrochemistry, environmental chemistry, and food chemistry.

History of Chemistry

 Civilizations have been studying chemistry at least since 1000 BC and probably even before that.  Alchemy was the precursor to modern chemistry with the distinction between alchemy and modern chemistry made back in 1661 by Robert Boyle. Early  Greek and Muslim civilizations made the first major contributions to the advancement of chemistry with European nations later following with their own groundbreaking contributions to the field.  Today advances in chemistry continue to be made in leaps and bounds and many common terms we use today come from the study of chemistry.  Terms such as acid, alcohol, alloy, amino acid,  battery, catalyst, chain reaction, circuit, coagulation, condensation, crystal, diffusion, dilution, electrolyte, energy level, and equilibrium are just a few examples of these terms. 

Chemistry Degrees

Students interested in earning a degree in chemistry from college should be good at biology, math, and physics.  They should also have strong written and verbal communication skills, as students will be expected to write chemistry term papers, research papers, and essays.  In addition, curiosity and strong analytical skills are important qualities for chemistry majors.

Subjects that students majoring in chemistry can expect to take include biochemistry, calculus, chemistry, computer science, geometry, engineering, inorganic chemistry, and physics.

The Future of Chemistry

Although chemistry is considered a mature science, there is still a great deal of room for more growth and discoveries.  The future of chemistry lay in many areas and chief amongst them concerns the human genome project, robotic systems, pharmaceuticals, and microchip technology.


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