Canadian Studies term papers


What are Canadian Studies?

Canadian studies is an umbrella term that refers to all subjects relating to Canada such as Canadian social studies, Canadian history, Canadian literature, Canadian politics, and Canadian business etc.  Canadian studies programs offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary studies that frequently focus on issues that are of interest to both the USA and Canada.  There are approximately 20,000 undergraduate students in the US that are taking courses in Canadian studies with more than 70 universities offering courses on Canada. Canada also offers Canadian studies programs and these programs are uniquely suited to teaching about Canadian culture, intercultural experiences in Canada, bilingualism, and multiculturalism. 

Majoring in Canadian Studies

Skills acquired from majoring in Canadian studies include an appreciation for cultural diversity, strong oral and written skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, and strong analytical and research skills just to name a few.  Also, upon graduating with a degree in Canadian studies, students will have obtained a better understanding of the Canadian national experience, Canadian economic, political, and social issues, and Canadian regional culture.

Career Opportunities for Canadian Studies Majors

Students who receive a degree in Canadian Studies have several career paths available to them such as journalism, public relations, tourism, education, government services, international relations, and more.  Graduates from Canadian studies sometimes also choose to pursue graduate studies in other majors that complement the BA in Canadian studies, such as education, law, or journalism, and thereby enhance their career path opportunities.





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