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What is Biology?

Biology is a natural science that studies living things and their vital processes such as their distribution, evolution, function, growth, origin, and taxonomy.  As a field of study, it covers a wide area so it is divided into many specialized fields. Some of these are anatomy, botany, cell biology, ecology, genetics, human biology, marine biology, molecular biology, morphology, physiology, and zoology.  This list, however, is by no means complete, as there are many other fields of biology as well.

Five Basic Principles of Biology

There are five basic principles making up the foundation of biology: cell theory, evolution, gene theory, homeostasis and thermodynamics.  According to cell theory, all living things are composed of cells and the basic unit of life is a cell.  Evolution is based upon the understanding that genetic changes take place in a population and that these changes can be inherited over several generations.  Gene theory is based on the understanding that traits are inherited through gene transmission.  Homeostasis refers to the ability to maintain a constant internal environment when the external environment is changing and thermodynamics theory is based on the principles that energy is constant but the transfer of energy is not always very efficient.

The History of Biology

The study of biology has a long history with evidence suggesting that it began at least as early as the Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations.  Great strides in biology were later made under Greek civilization when Greek philosophers advanced the theory that the universe is governed by natural law and, more importantly, that science should be governed by rational thought.  Today, the field of biology has seen even more rapid advances and new theories and it continues to make new discoveries all the time.  Opportunities for careers in biology are numerous beginning with biotechnology, clinical research and microbiology to clinical laboratories, pharmacy, and the teaching profession.

A Degree in Biology

People interested in pursuing a degree in biology should enjoy analyzing how things work and how they are interrelated as well as enjoy conducting experiments.  In addition, an interest in mathematics and the sciences in general is important as are strong oral and written communication skills.

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