Aviation, Aeronautics term papers

What are Aviation and Aeronautics?

The fields of aviation and aeronautics concentrate on the science of flight. They deal with the design, development, operation, production, and use of all types of aircraft. Students of aviation and aeronautics need to learn about aerodynamics, propulsion, structure, stability, materials, and control.  In particular, someone interested in earning a degree in aerodynamics will have to study a great deal of mathematics and engineering as well as theories on flight, the legal aspects of aviation, thermodynamics, aerospace propulsion, and flight dynamics.

Careers in Aviation and Aeronautics

People interested in pursuing a career in this field have many options available to them including the areas of civil aviation, aviation safety, army aviation, landmark aviation, jet aviation, and aeronautics engineering to name just a few.

History of Aviation and Aeronautics

The theory behind the study of aeronautics began back in the 1600s with Sir Isaac Newton who developed a set of laws that explained how objects, either still or in motion, were affected by forces acting upon them. Later, in the 1700s, Daniel Bernoulli made additional contributions to the field when he developed the principle relating the speed of fluid to pressure. Since that time, of course, the fields of aviation and aeronautics have advanced in leaps and bounds and are continuing in this way today.

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