Asian Studies term papers


What are Asian Studies?

The term 'Asian studies' refers to a discipline that explores a number of diverse topics concerning the people of Asia such as Asian history, culture, language, politics, religions, institutions, educational systems, traditions etc.  Asian studies encompass several regions and many countries as well.  These include countries from East Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan), countries from South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), and countries from Southeast Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand).  Asian studies, therefore, are generally broken up into three main areas: East Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies. In addition, there might have some overlap with Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, which focus on Asian countries in the western part of Asia such as Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.  In North America, you can also find Asian-American studies, which focuses on the experiences of people of Asian descent living in North America.

Career Paths for People with Degrees in Asian Studies

People with degrees in Asian studies can pursue a career in advertising, business, cultural affairs, public relations, marketing research or specifically as ESL teachers, teachers abroad, foreign correspondents, foreign student counselors, importers/exporters, interpreters, translators, etc. 

Majoring in Asian Studies

Students of Asian studies are expected to have a diverse course of study and will be required to write essays on topics relevant to the discipline.  Topics for Asian studies essays are varied and broad, beginning with issues facing China and the Chinese people, to issues facing Japan and the Japanese, Korea and the Koreans, and issues facing Asian Americans.

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