Art term papers


What is Art?

Art can be defined as an expression of human imagination, beauty, grace, skill, and passion in a visual form such as dance, painting, drawing, song, poetry or sculpture.  However, because art encompasses so many forms of expression and because art, by its very nature is subjective, the definition of art is often hotly debated.  One thing that most people agree on, though, is that even if art cannot be specifically and exactly defined, most people can recognize art when they see it.  People can view famous works of art in museums, art galleries and art institutes all over  the world.  Works of art in all forms, from all ages, and from all artists are housed in these different locations.

Art Forms

Different civilizations have been expressing themselves artistically since prehistoric times and the history of art focuses on the different forms of artistic expression from the Paleolithic age to contemporary time.  For the student of art, there are many different art forms to study.  These include applied arts, decorative arts, design, fine arts, liberal arts, performing arts, photography, and visual arts. 

Careers in Art

In addition to the obvious of career as a painter, students of art can also find careers as graphic artists, landscape artists, photographers, interior designers, fashion designers, teachers, professors, art historians, art critics, and museum curators.  Students that choose to pursue a degree in art usually have to learn about a wide range of subjects such as visual arts, art history, period art, contemp0rary art, drawing, painting etc.




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