Architecture term papers

What is Architecture

Architecture is the science and art of designing and erecting buildings and other artificial constructions. An architect is a licensed professional who practices architecture; i.e., an architect designs and supervises the construction of  buildings and structures. Architects design homes, schools, universities, theaters, churches, office buildings, community buildings, and more. People interested in becoming architects need to be artistic, creative, have very strong math and science skills, have good communication skills, and be technologically savvy. It is also helpful to have competent drawing skills. 

Majoring in Architecture

To become an architect, typically requires at least five years of education, experience via an internship program, and passing an exam to receive a license. Architecture is a varied discipline with many options available such as landscape architecture, naval architecture, religious architecture, modern architecture etc. When designing and erecting a building, architects must consider issues of safety, economy, suitability, eye appeal, and functionality.

History of Architecture

The practice of architecture has a long history, beginning with mankind's basic need to find shelter and continuing to today's highly advanced forms of design and functionality. Architecture also varies from region to region and time period to time period. This is why architecture is usually classified into the following groups: ancient architecture, Asian architecture, Islamic architecture, European architecture, Renaissance architecture, and modern architecture. In this field, there is a long and distinguished list of famous architects who designed some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

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