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What is Anthropology?

The field of anthropology studies the origins, behavior, and development of humans, human societies, and human cultures.  The main branches of anthropology are biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, economic anthropology, forensic anthropology, political anthropology, physical anthropology, anthropometry, linguistic anthropology, anthropology of religion, and archaeological anthropology.  However, all branches of anthropology draw on the social and biological sciences as well as the humanities and physical sciences.

Famous Anthropologists

Some of the most famous anthropologists include Franz Boaz, Dian Fossey, Ann Dunham, Michel Focault, Clifford Geertz, Marcel Mauss and Claude Levi-Strauss.  These anthropologists contributed greatly to the development of the study of anthropology as well conducted several famous studies, and put forth important theories on anthropology.  Franz Boaz, for example, is considered the father of American Anthropology and Claude-Levi-Strauss developed structural anthropology.  The study of anthropology has provided important contributions to African-American studies, the study of organization, the study of climate change, child development studies, disability studies, studies on public health and more.

Careers in Anthropology

Anthropology as a field of study has changed and evolved over time.  Anthropology originated as a objective and empirical study, eventually becoming more theoretical in nature.  American anthropology is the leader in anthropology worldwide today, but there is a growing number of anthropologists from other regions that are increasingly influential in this field.  Graduating with a degree in anthropology can open doors to a number of different careers including teaching at universities and colleges, working for NGOs or government agencies such as the CDC, as well as working in the fields of business, public health, international studies, gender studies, and the media.

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