Agricultural Studies term papers


What are Agricultural Studies?

Agricultural studies refers to the scientific study of crop production, land cultivation, soil and water conservation, and livestock management.  It is concerned with the management, research, production, and distribution of agricultural goods.

Majoring in Agriculture

Humans have been practicing agriculture since prehistoric times, but the agricultural revolution that took place over the last approximately 100 years ushered in a whole new era of agriculture that has led to what is now called industrial agriculture.  Industrial agriculture has successfully increased yields in all areas of agriculture, but has also had a long-lasting, harmful impact on the environment.  Many agricultural studies programs now focus upon, not only increased crop and livestock yields, but also on minimizing the harmful effects that advances in agricultural science have had on the environment.

Students enrolled in agricultural studies must cultivate their scientific, business, and practical farming skills.  In addition, students of agricultural studies can choose to focus on special fields such as agricultural biology, conservation, agricultural economics, agricultural technology,  biofuel production, or permaculture.

Careers for Students of Agricultural Studies

Upon graduation, people who majored in agricultural studies in college can pursue careers as agricultural advisors, animal breeders, agricultural researchers, environmental consultants, food technologist, horticultural specialists, and plant breeders to name just a few options.  There are also a number of different branches of agricultural studies such as agricultural technology, food science, water management, agricultural economics, and agronomy. 

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