African-American Studies term papers


What are African-American Studies?

The term African-American studies refers to a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the black experience in North America.  The discipline draws upon history, sociology, literature, and the arts in order to analyze the economic, sociological, psychological, cultural, educational, and legal status of blacks in North America and the factors and conditions that affect that status.  The study of African-American achievements, characteristics, culture, and important issues are also central to this discipline.

History of African-American Studies

The first 4-year college black studies department was established in 1968 at San Francisco State University.  Since that time, almost every 4-year college has established a black studies program. The department stresses teachings on  African-American history, African-American literature, African-American culture and the political, legal, economic, and social issues facing African Americans today.  In addition to students who opt to earn a degree in African-American studies, students from all different majors also take courses on African-American studies in order to learn more about cultural diversity and to enhance their understanding of the black experience in North America.

Careers in African-American Studies

The graduate with a degree in African-American studies can find jobs in academia, private and non-profit organizations, the government, and public corporations.  Possible career paths include, but are not limited to, social workers, historians, professors, attorneys, writers, editors, news analysts, police officers, teachers, and more.

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