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What is Advertising?

To advertise means to actively promote, call attention to, and communicate information, about a product, service, idea, need etc., of a company or individual.  Advertisements typically are paid announcements made in various media and are persuasive by nature.

The Purpose of Advertising?

The main purpose of advertising is to get people to buy a particular product or service and to increase sales.  However, advertising can also be used to get people to stop behaving certain ways, or start participating in certain activities, or to reassure people about a service or product.  The goal of advertising, therefore, is actually to get people to act, think, or behave in a certain manner.

Modern Advertising

Modern advertising has changed and developed in many ways since its inception, but advertising itself has been around in one form or another for at least since early Egyptian society.  Since that time, advertising has become increasingly sophisticated and effective.

Advertising is closely associated with marketing, but they are not the same thing.  Marketing covers a wide range of activities designed to promote a company brand, product, or service, whereas advertising is one of the activities that fall under marketing.

Advertising agencies or advertising companies are often hired to help a company promotes its products and brand.  Facebook advertising, Google advertising, and mobile advertising are some of the more popular advertising methods used, but there are plenty of other methods as well such as radio, television, direct mail, flyers etc.  The key to finding the right type of advertising for a particular brand or product or company is to determine the audience, budget, and message of your advertisement.

Careers in Advertising

The advertising industry is vast and expansive with possible career paths in account management, print production, web design, online marketing, strategic planning, television and radio, copywriting, and more.  People interested in pursuing a career in advertising usually study fields such as communication, marketing, English, or public relations.

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