Vitamin D Deficiency and Related Insulin Resistance and Inflammation Research Proposal by Nicky

The paper proposes research to examine the relationship between vitamin D deficiency (hypovitaminosis D) and diabetes, inflammation and resistance to insulin.
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This paper presents a research proposal to establish a causal relation between hypovitaminosis D and insulin resistance, diabetes, and systemic inflammation. The paper seeks to augment the research data (and substantial anecdotal evidence) currently available implicating hypovitaminosis D in these conditions. Additionally, the paper seeks to devise a research method for distinguishing the respective beneficial roles of vitamin D and calcium in light of current evidence suggesting that dual supplementation is associated with greater preventative effects than supplementation of one or the other alone.

From the Paper:

"Prior to the widespread vitamin and mineral supplementation of modern food supplies, rickets and the skeletal weakness for which that disease is responsible was a formidable medical condition. Once rickets was substantially eradicated by vitamin supplementation in modern food processing, many medical authorities considered that solution to have eliminated all of the consequences of vitamin D deficiency. More recently, medical researchers have identified so many other significant medical consequences attributable to hypovitaminosis D that contemporary clinicians now regard rickets as only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of vitamin D-related ailments"

Sample of Sources Used:

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