U.S. Postal Service and Technology Research Proposal by Nicky

A look at how the U.S. Postal Service is used today in light of modern communications technology.
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This paper presents a research proposal aimed at studying the impact of today's communication technology on the US Postal Service, with a focus on social media and mobile technology. Additionally, the paper compares how the government run postal service compares to other commercial carriers. The proposal describes the parameters of the study and how it will be undertaken. Previous studies are cited that show how the postal service can not compete with the instantaneous communication available through mobile technology. The paper concludes by describing the survey through which information will be collected and how its data will be analyzed.

Scope of the Study
Social Impact of Telecommunication vs. Postal Delivery of Communication
Originality and Limitation of Data

From the Paper:

"The research portion of this study focused on the use of the U.S. Postal Service by students at an American university as compared to their reliance on email, texting, and other communication methods made possible by current technology. Focus was given specifically to what might be considered "typical" college-age students, in an effort to determine possible larger trends as the current generation of undergraduates advances into the wider world, and hence the effects of this influx on the U.S. Postal Service specifically and postal operations in general. The research was limited to survey responses, the collection of primary data being determined the most useful with technology and trends advancing so quickly. Efforts were made to include a wider array of studies pertaining to the research efforts made here in the literature review, however."

Sample of Sources Used:

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