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Toronto Biotech Companies
A proposal for a research paper that will explore hi-tech and bio-tech industries in Toronto.
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The paper's proposal describes a research paper that will examine Toronto's burgeoning hi-tech and bio-tech industries; where they are located, what they look like and where they rank internationally. The paper relates that the research will focus on Affinium Pharmaceuticals in addition to other companies. The paper explains that the research should bring an appreciation for how Toronto is making a name for itself in the bio-technology sector; a sector once felt to be chiefly the preserve of U.S. centers.

The What (and What They Look Like)
The Where
International Status

From the Paper:

"With a broad understanding of just what it is that different Toronto organizations do, the end research paper will explore the location of these companies. A quick perusal of one useful online map indicates that many of these organizations are indeed densely packed around the U of T (Biotechnology Ontario, "Toronto City Map", illus.1). At the same time, the fact those same organizations/companies are clustered in close proximity to the downtown financial core suggests they have wisely resolved to be as near as possible to the major financial houses and banks in the event that investment capital and loans can be secured. The final research paper will obviously spend some time looking at what enticements have compelled these various bio-tech competitors to "cram" themselves into the same small patch of real estate."

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