The Rise of the Dragon: China's Increasing Influence and Potential Threat Research Proposal by scribbler

Proposal for a research study about China's ascendance.
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This paper is a research proposal for a study of the increasing importance and influence of China on many levels, including the political, economic and military arenas. According to the proposal, the larger research project intendeds to provide an overview of the various dimensions of Chinese growth and development in different sectors. Additionally, it would ascertain the influence and effect of this growth and development on the world and on world powers like the United States. The proposal further notes that the central focus of the dissertation is a consideration of the potential military, economic and international threat that China poses. It would argue that in the long -term increased Chinese growth and development along many fronts eventfully poses a military problem. Another objective of the study is to contribute to the debate that revolves around the influence of China in the world today and in the future, particularly China's potential to be a superpower. The proposal presents an outline of the chapter headings and sub-sections, and an overview of the methodology it plans to use. The paper concludes with a discussion of potential limitations and possible problems with the study.


Statement of the topic and its Importance to the Field of Study
The Aims and Objectives of the Dissertation
Thesis Statement
Summary of the Theoretical Approach to be Used
Outline of the Chapter Headings and Sub-Sections
Possible Difficulties and Limitations

From the Paper:

"The central theoretical trajectory that underlies this analysis of China's emergent status is the theory of globalization. However, other theoretical approaches in terms of international relations and analysis, as they pertain to economic and military development, will also be referred to.
"The theory of globalization is particularly appropriate to the topic of this dissertation as it takes into account the interconnected nature of the modern world. This refers to the fact that modern communication and trade have to a large extent broken down many of the barriers that previously existed between countries. At the same time globalization has created a much more interdependent world with an increasing number of problematic areas in international politics. One only has to take into account the increasingly volatile competition resources like oil, and China's economic reliance on this resource to understand the relevance and complexity of modern globalization.
"It is therefore evident that globalization leads to new insights and perceptions about the world but also to challenges, particularly in the field of international relations. As one critic states in relation to diplomacy and foreign policy: "... the contemporary world has certainly brought changes to its content, importance and relevance through technology, through the decline in state-centricity and through the broadening of substantive..."

Sample of Sources Used:

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