Students Studying Abroad for Language Acquisition Research Proposal by Krishire

Students Studying Abroad for Language Acquisition
Presents a research proposal to evaluate the predictors of the willingness to communicate of students studying abroad for the purpose of language acquisition.
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This paper explains that there is a conflict whether, based on McCrowskey's willingness to communicate theory (WTC) in the acquisition of a second language, perceived language competence (PLC) or observable language competence (OLC) is a better predictor of second language use. The paper presents a research proposal in which it is hypothesized that PLC is a better predictor of WTC in students studying abroad for language acquisition and that the previous amount of study will not improve the student's WTC. The paper describes the selection of a specific population to be interviewed via questionnaires. These questionnaires and a table are included in this paper.

Table of Contents:
Previous Literature
Components of Willingness to Communicate
Perceived Competence vs. Actual Competence
WTC role in Emersion and Acquisition
Current Study
Research Methods
The Questionnaires
Hypothesis and Expected Data Results
Appendix: Questionnaire

From the Paper:

"Willingness to Communicate is more often described as a physiological phenomenon rather than social one. When McCrowsky and colleagues developed the first instrument to test WTC, he was attempting to discover what inhibited or facilitated communication between people and what processes do people engage in when they choose to speak up in a conversation or to remain silent. So the first ideas about WTC and the accompanying questionnaire focused on the cognitive processes that occur when an individual is presented with the opportunity to speak and they have free choice to communicate."

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