Research Proposal - Teen Birth Control Research Proposal by Nicky

Research proposal about giving birth control to teenagers to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
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Published on May 21, 2012 in Child, Youth Issues (Teen, Adult Issues) , Hot Topics (Birth Control)

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This paper details a research proposal for preventing unwanted teen pregnancies through distribution of birth control to this population. First, the paper presents research questions and hypotheses about approaching this issue and undertaking the research. Then, the paper discusses the impact of conservative elements in the government that have prevented distribution of birth control to teens in recent years. Additionally, the paper addresses the intended audience who will read this research, noting that it is important for educators and parents. Finally, the paper gives a time-line for the research.


Topic Overview
Research Questions
Discussion of the Conversation Surrounding the Topic
Reflection on Specific Experiences of the Researcher
Purpose of Research Project
Preliminary Perspective/Opinion of the Researcher
Prospective Audience for Research Results
Research Plan
Research Project Timeline

From the Paper:

"One of the most fundamental problems with any approach to controlling unwanted teenage pregnancy is that conservative influences on government policy have succeeded in promoting the concept of abstinence instead of responsible sexual behavior. Meanwhile, empirical research has established that abstinence-only programs work only in the very short term and that participants in groups such as Promise Keepers (etc.) exhibit the identical rates of premarital sexual conduct over the long term. Because abstinence-only attempts to reduce teenage pregnancy rely exclusively on discouraging sexual behavior, when participants revert to sexual activity, they are no better informed or educated about topics such as responsible birth control than they would have been without any sexual education at all."
Reflection on Specific Experiences of the Researcher
"In my experience, teenagers do not generally wait until adulthood before beginning to experiment sexually. Also, in my experience, most teenagers are not willing to or able to discuss the topic of their own sexuality openly with their parents at the time that they begin to experiment sexually. Many teenage girls who would use birth control if it were available confidentially will not do so if it means their parents must be involved in or aware of it at all."

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