Public vs. Private Education Research Proposal by writingsensation

Public vs. Private Education
A proposal for a research study regarding the benefits of private versus public education.
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Published on Jul 29, 2006 in Education (General) , Research Designs (General)

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This paper serves as a proposal for the study of research findings on questions relating to the overall quality of public schools and private schools in America. The author has devised a research study,which is to include the collection of data from a broad spectrum of relevant sources, such as current students of public and private schools, parents and guardians of students in public and private schools, teachers and administrators from public and private schools, graduates and alumni from public and private schools, and finally the general public. The questions the research study is to focus on are: (1) Which type of school is perceived as providing the highest quality education to students? (2) Which type of school is perceived as being the best value? (3) How should public and private schools co-exist and function within our society? and (4) Which subsets of the population (current students, former students, parents of students, school staff, and others) hold which opinions? This paper is divided into three chapters. The first chapter summarizes the purpose of the research study and defines public and private education. The second chapter is a literature review, detailing previous research and then suggesting that this body of work is insufficient to fully address the question of public vs. private education. The third chapter presents the methodology of the author's study, including how the population sample is to be chosen, what questions are to be asked of that sample population, and how the results of this survey are to be calculated.

Chapter One
Background of Study
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Research Questions
Assumptions and Delimitations
Chapter Two: Literature Review
Chapter Three
Research Design
Site Setting
Measurement Methods
Ethical Considerations
List of Appendices

From the Paper:

"As this first chapter has demonstrated, there is a great deal of research that must be conducted in the area of school and education. The current educational system is divided into two major subsections: private schools and public schools. Public schools are funded by taxes and regulated by the government, while private schools are independently run and funded, with different laws and regulations for each of them in every school district and state. However, it is obvious that both of these types of schools are still experiencing difficulties and have not become ideal institutions as of yet. There are many social factors which are affecting and being affected by the state of the schools, and it is important for the future of youth and society as a whole that the educational system be properly evaluated so that improvements can be made. Public schools and private schools both demonstrate some positive traits as well as some negative. In order to get a complete image of the current state of public and private schools, the opinions, experiences, and suggestions of all related populations must be taken into consideration; current students of public and private schools, former students of public and private schools, parents of students of public and private schools, staff of public and private schools, and people who do not attend, work at, or have children in school all must have input into a complete survey of the school situation."

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