Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome Research Proposal by Neatwriter

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
A research proposal for studying how post-traumatic stress syndrome alters the lives of returning war veterans.
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This paper presents a research proposal for investigating the extent to which there exist differences in the communication ability of Gulf War veterans diagnosed as having the post-traumatic stress disorder and non-Gulf War veterans who do not have the post-traumatic stress disorder. Secondary research questions in the paper look at gender differences, age and military rank. Data garnered from the study is intended to provide evidence-based information with respect to improving PTSD veteran communication ability in terms of dealing with the disorder. This research proposal also points to directions in future research with respect to helping those who were called upon to serve their country.

Table of Contents
Consequences of War
Literature Review: PTSD Defined
Research Question and Hypothesis
Research Design
Investigative Variables
Definition of Terms
Sampling Procedures
Measurement Instrument
Statistical Data Analysis
Ethical Consideration

From the Paper:

"War, whether based on ideology, political motivation, nationalism, euthanasia, national defense, or any of several other reasons, brings to all sides involved consequences that change people and history forever. Civil wars, global wars, or nation-to-nation wars are fraught with devastation that inflict untold misery on all citizenry and field participants of the entities involved. In modern day war situations those who are called upon to bear arms against others are oftentimes forgotten when the conflict ceases. Today many countries around the world are not dissuaded from the dangers of war for they blindly prefer might to right. These countries are blindly confident in their future and are seemingly full of hope and aspirations beyond their perceived and actual power - yet not beyond their ambitions. Is it then, therefore, that war is determined by a moment which seems approving, right, and advantageous rather than by provocation? (Kagan, 1995)."

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