Policy Errors of the Bush Administration Research Proposal by Nicky

A research proposal to determine the impact of the Bush administration's policies on the current economic crisis.
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The paper presents a proposal to explore the roles played by the Treasury Department, the Bank of the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to identify the core policy errors of the Bush presidential administration as well as the intentions of Obama's presidential administration. The proposal aims to highlight the evidence available that policy failures of the past are to blame for the current recession. The paper explains the reasons for selecting this topic, its importance and the major concerns which will be addressed through the course of the research.

Research Proposal
Reasons for Selecting the Topic
Rationale for Perceived Importance
Important New Issues in this Area

From the Paper:

"The reason for selecting this topic for examination is the availability of overwhelming evidence that the previous administration acted inappropriately with respect to fiscal, monetary and regulatory policies in a manner which helped to create this financial crisis. The banking collapses which would litter the headlines in the final days of the Bush Administration and the first days of the Obama Administration have their roots in the departmental abuses that suggest a coordinated misappropriation. This is an impetus for selecting a topic which may reveal the best path forward for current policy-makers. Indeed, a consideration of the background of the crisis shows a trail of errors with a clear and likely outcome.
"This would be initiated by the promised contrasted between the incoming Bush policies and those of the previous administration which had proven so effective. During the campaign to the 2000 presidential election, the incumbent party had a list of economic achievements under its belt which included a record low of unemployment rates, a balanced budget--even a surplus--and a broad trend of rapid economic growth. The Bush Administration responded to its appointment to office by fulfilling its promise, passing an ironically titled 'Economic Recovery Act' designed to stimulate a return to growth."

Sample of Sources Used:

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