Personality Disorders and Steroid Use Research Proposal by Nicky

Personality Disorders and Steroid Use
A review of the methodology and design of a proposed study on steroid use and personality disorders.
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Published on Oct 29, 2011 in Psychology (Disorders) , Sport (Medicine and Drugs)

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The paper overviews the research available regarding the connection between anabolic steroid use and personality disorders. The paper discusses the various research methods that can be used and selects a methodology based on the successes and failures of previous studies. The paper posits that this study method is expected to yield results that are consistent with the expected results of the study.

Sample Selection
Study Instrument

From the Paper:

"This study will use a pretest/ posttest methodology. The presence of personality disorder will be accomplished through comparing changes in the personality of the individuals through time. This study methodology has an advantage over earlier study designs that used a comparison between a control group and test group as it eliminates many confounding variables that could contribute to personality disorders among users and nonusers. The very fact that they can be divided into users and nonusers may suggest basic differences between the two groups that are not related to anabolic steroid use. The pretest/posttest method chosen for this study eliminates many confounding variables, as any change is more likely to be due to the factor that has changed, anabolic steroid use, rather than basic personality differences that are inherent in the two groups."

Sample of Sources Used:

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