Permanent Preservation of Museums Research Proposal

Permanent Preservation of Museums
A research proposal on the permanent preservation of museums because of their enduring cultural, historic or evidentiary value.
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Published on Mar 31, 2015

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From the Paper:

"Abstract: This paper is a research proposal for the topic "Permanent Preservation of Museums on the grounds of their enduring cultural, historic or evidentiary value." This research proposal will include long term methods of preserving museums in the modern world. This research proposal will try to answer research questions that will be included in the paper. In addition, the study will involve formulation of questionnaires that will be distributed to various big museums that have recently adopted long-term preservation strategies. The questionnaires will be designed to address the best approaches of long-term preservation of museums on the basis that they provide historical, cultural and evidentiary value to our society. In addition, documented studies will be employed to evaluate the correlation with and to complement current data as gathered by the questionnaires with analogous information presented in academic sources. The conclusions of this research proposal will be drawn from the research findings. Based on the conclusions of the study, there will be recommendations on how best museums can be preserved to last for many years.
"Introduction: This section of the paper will be divided into sub-section topics such as background of study, problem statement, objectives of study, and research questions, methodology, result and discussion, and conclusion, as well as recommendations.
"Background information: This section will concentrates on the history of museums and its importance, as well as its popularity in the present day as compared to traditional systems. In addition, it will present growing trends in museums as far as long-term preservation is concerned. This section will also include the major changes that have happened in the way museums are managed and preserved. In addition, this section will include the positive impacts on long-term preservation of museums.
"Objective: The main aim of study is to evaluate the long-term preservation of museums on the basis that these institutions are important in providing cultural, historic and evidentiary value."

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