Impact of Nutrition on Cancer Rates Research Proposal by Nicky

A study proposal on the relationship between nutrition and cancer rates.
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The paper aims to explore the effect nutrition has on the individual's resilience to cancer, to identify the most important foods or supplements in combating cancer and to discover the best method that might be used to disseminate and disperse this critical information to the public. The paper outlines the planned study and presents a comprehensive literature review.

Part One: Introduction to the Study
Purpose of Study
Research Questions
Significance of Study
Organization of the Study
Part Two: Literature Review

From the Paper:

"In 1984, the American Cancer Society Medical and Scientific Committee and its Board of Directors approved a report concerning cancer to be published. This report states that individuals are generally exposed to carcinogens "...20 to 30 years before a statistically significant increase in cancer can be detected. Only then can it be adduced that the increase in cancer may have been caused by exposure to specific carcinogens." (p.121) In fact, it is stated in the 1984 report that there was good reason at that time "to suspect that dietary habits contribute to human cancer..." however, the interpretation of epidemiologic and laboratory data was stated and naturally this still is applicable to be "very complex" and of the nature that it does not allow for conclusions that are clear-cut in nature.
"Recommendations stated in 1984 by the American Cancer Society were those listed as follows: (1) Avoid obesity; (2) Cut down on total fat intake; (3) Eat more high fiber foods including whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables; (4) Include foods that are rich in vitamins A and C in the daily diet; (5) Include cruciferous vegetables in the diet. (Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and cauliflower); (6) Consume alcoholic beverages only moderately; and (7) Only moderately consume salt-cured, smoked and nitrate cured foods. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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