Illegal Immigration Qualitative Research Proposal Research Proposal by Nicky

A research proposal on the status of illegal immigration and how this status affects both the immigrants and the law enforcement officers.
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This paper is a research proposal on the subject of illegal immigration. The focus is on how the law affects both illegal immigrants and local law enforcement officers in their communities. It presents arguments and perspectives from both sides of the issue through a series of research questions that provide the basis for the paper. What the writer hopes to accomplish in the paper is a qualitative study of the issue to create a whole picture through charts, graphs and even a section on the methodological approach.

Research Questions
Study Relevance
Literature Review

From the Paper:

"On the other side of the illegal immigrant issue, however, a person's immigration status only serves as a significant source of stress for those sworn to enforce the law. The proposed qualitative study, using the case study design, the researcher asserts, will investigate the dilemma that accompanies illegal immigration from the legal side of the law. Implementing an exhaustive review of the literature, the forthcoming study will seek to ascertain if the requirement to enforce immigration laws by local law enforcement agencies may prove detrimental to society.
"The federal government, along with a number of states, routinely passes laws that require local and state law enforcement agencies to take certain actions when confronted by situations that may include "illegal immigrants". The added stressors/problems predicted to add to the officers" already stressful scenarios include, but may not be limited to overcrowded jail space, an overwhelmed justice system, an increased reluctance on the part of immigrants to report crimes, emboldened criminals likely to commit even more crimes, and more heinous criminals (with legal as well as illegal immigration status) committing even more heinous crimes."

Sample of Sources Used:

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