Hurricane Katrina: An Example of Federal and Local Disaster Mismanagement Research Proposal by Nicky

Hurricane Katrina: An Example of Federal and Local Disaster Mismanagement
A research proposal on Hurricane Katrina as an example of federal and local disaster mismanagement.
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Published on Jun 11, 2012 in Political Science (Government Agencies) , Political Science (U.S.)

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The paper presents a study that will identify the reasons for and consequences of the almost total lack of first response or disaster management with Katrina. The paper provides the background of Hurricane Katrina, analyzes the data on the subject and presents a hypothesis. The paper then offers a revised hypothesis that misappropriation of government resources both in terms of the failure to fund proper infrastructural works in New Orleans and in terms of a disruptive policy pattern by which resources have diverted to other contexts such as the military would help contribute to the utter lack of resource or readiness to respond to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

Section 1. Title
Section 2. Purpose
Section 3. Background
Section 4. Hypothesis
Section 5. Data
Section 6. Analysis/Evaluation of Data/Your Conclusions
Section 7. Revision of Hypothesis

From the Paper:

"Based on available background date, the complete submersion of neighborhoods in the Lower 9th Ward and in the Jefferson, St. Bernard and St. Charles parishes, severely impoverished all, was not strictly a natural disaster. Most evidence suggests that it was a preventable occurrence, facilitated by the economic manifestation of racially motivated government spending discretion. An article in June of 2005, two months before an event that leveled an entire American city, revealed a clamoring demand from within New Orleans, Louisiana and the Army Corps of Engineers for the Bush Administration to reconsider its steady and devastating cuts from funding to the city's ongoing and indispensable levy and dam projects. The article notes that a proposal for 2006 had "identified $35 million in projects to build and improve levees, floodwalls and pumping stations in St. Bernard, Orleans, Jefferson and St. Charles parishes. Those projects are included in a Corps line item called Lake Pontchartrain, where funding is scheduled to be cut from $5.7 million this year to $2.9 million in 2006. Naomi said it's enough to pay salaries but little else." (3, p. 1) Under this duress, an intensification of five straight years under a federal policy in which defense spending, tax cuts for the wealthy and bureaucratic growth have combined with a recessive economy to short-shrift state funding and infrastructural maintenance, New Orleans was the first site to crack in any undeniable way."

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