Horizontal Gene Transfer Among Bacteria in Biofilm Research Proposal by Nicky

A proposal to explore the rate of horizontal gene transfer by bacteria in biofilm and the observed rates of adaptation leading to increased virulence and/or antibiotic resistance in bacteria of the same species and strains.
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Published on Mar 27, 2012 in Biology (General)

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The paper presents a proposal to explore the observed rate of genetic transfer and change exhibited by bacteria in biofilm conditions, and compare it to established data tracing the rate of genetic change in bacteria in their natural environments, including during human infection. The paper discusses this area of microbial study and identifies the objectives and methodology of this research study.


From the Paper:

"The study of bacteria located in biofilm has formed an intriguing area of microbial study that has not always received the full attention of bacteriologists that the phenomenon warrants (Maeda et al 2005; Sorensen et al 2005). Horizontal gene transfer in certain bacteria has been found to occur more rapidly in biofilms than in other bacterial growth and colonization situations, including laboratory scenarios created to give optimum growth and transfer conditions (Haagensen et al 2002; Maeda et al 2005; Sorensen et al 2005). This leads to the conclusion that an understanding of horizontal gene transfer in biofilm is essential to an understanding of bacterial change and adaptation as a whole, especially as the viability of certain bacteria post-transfer seems to be completely unaffected by such transfers (Maeda et al 2005; Sorenson et al 2005). Reliable and effective techniques for marking, measuring, and modeling horizontal gene transfer in biofilm populations of bacteria have already been established and accepted by the scientific community, making further research in this area much easier to carry out (Haagensen et al 2002)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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