Domestic Violence and Impact Research Proposal by Nicky

This paper looks at domestic violence and the long-term psychological impact on the victim with a research proposal on the subjecgt.
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In this article, the writer discusses that abuse remains a crucial public health problem that contributes directly to emotional distress, psychological dysfunction and mental disorder in its victims. The writer maintains that domestic abuse has always been a challenge to prevent or even detect, with its long term consequences on its victims being significant and often emotionally crippling. This is the focus of the research which is proposed in this paper, with the understanding that a long-term persistence of domestic violence bears a connection to the experience of psychological problems.

Problem Statement
Review of Literature

From the Paper:

"This contributes an important point concerning the cyclical nature of abuse and psychological distress, with the victim often retreating into a depressed and insecure emotional state that will prevent her from extricating herself from the situation. This, in turn, becomes a cause for a further sense of isolation. A limitation of this study is its reliance upon a bulk of research which is driven by anecdotal and discursive rather than quantitative literature.
"This means that it is best supplemented by such studies as that provided by An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection, which employs statistical findings from prior research to further its claims as to the direct connection between abuse and psychological trauma. As this source denotes, among those surveyed in prior studies ..."

Sample of Sources Used:

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