Dog Food Nutrition and Price Research Proposal by scribbler

Dog Food Nutrition and Price
A research proposal to determine the relationship between the price of dog food and the overall health of a dog.
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Published on May 06, 2013 in Nutrition (Food)

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The paper discusses the relationship between the composition of pet food and its price and describes a proposed research study that is based on the hypothesis that there is a linear relationship between the price of dog food and the overall health of a dog within a 4-6 month period. The paper details the experiment and provides a table that lists the measured variables and divides the measurements into three major groups: overt, behavioral, chemical and/or substance oriented. The paper considers the interpretation and significance of the data as well as future research.

Pet Food Composition and Price Relationship
Experimental Design - Observations and Justification
Experimental Design - Hypothesis
Experimental Design - Experiment
Expected Results
Interpretation and Significance
Conclusions and Future Research

From the Paper:

"Just as a number of consumer products for humans have a very strong marketing bent, which is indicative of the way many contemporary Americans view their pet. Over the past few decades, in fact, the family pet has become more and more part of the family relationship - staying indoors, participating in family events, and in many cases, receiving holiday gifts and special treatment. It is, in fact, America's love affair with pets and the multi-billion dollar industry it spawned that has launched a relatively new niche within the marketplace - that of premium pet food. In fact, approximately 60 percent of American households own pets; up 12 percent in the last decade, more than twice the rate of human population growth. This translates nationally into almost $50 billion in expenditures, most of it on food and toys. Over 80 percent of families with pets personalize their relationship with the pet by referring to themselves as their animal's "mommy or daddy." Our pets are our friends; we coddle them, sing to them, give then ice cream, and even take them on vacation. And, now that we have been trained to examine our own nutritional requirements carefully, it stands to reason that we would do the same for our pets (Schaffer, 2009, intro)."

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