Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Situation Research Proposal by Nicky

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Situation
A research proposal to examine the use of differentiated instructional methods in the classroom.
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The paper is a research proposal that suggests that many students within a normal classroom, fail to receive instruction that fits their unique and specific needs as the majority of teachers use the direct instruction approach. The proposal seeks to examine the use of differential instruction as a means of addressing the different need and levels of individual students and thereby improving standards and achievements. The research will concentrate on the science classes in grades 9-12 and implementation of differentiated instruction over a period of one semester of the school year. The paper includes a review of current literature and one table.

Chapter One
Statement of the Problem
Background of the Study
Purpose of the Study
Significance of the Study
Terms & Definitions
Chapter Two
Literature Review
Chapter Three
Action Research Proposal

From the Paper:

"As already stated in the beginning of this work, the purpose of this project is to determine the relationship between measures of student achievements in science classes in grades 9-12 and implementation of differentiated instruction over a period of one semester of the school year. Inquiry in this study will begin by first getting to know the students and attempting to understand how they differ from one another in terms of their interesting, learning preferences and readiness. Information will also be gathered and reviewed concerning the academic histories of the students. Next, a profile sheet will be created for each student. The profile sheets will be used to record past, current and ongoing academic progress for the students.
"The students will be asked to fill out an Interest Inventory which will assist the researcher is knowing the students and their interests better. Additionally a survey will be used in which students will be asked to read a list of projects and to choose the projects that they prefer to complete as a method of showing what they have learned. This list will be compatible to Gardner's eight intelligences however, the list will not be identified in this manner. This will assist the researcher in understanding which students enjoy individual work and which students rather work in a group or with a partner."

Sample of Sources Used:

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