Cultural Dimensions and Brand Imaging Research Proposal by Research Group

Cultural Dimensions and Brand Imaging
A proposal to examine the nature of brand imaging and its impact on E-business and the role of cultural and socio-economic factors on brand imaging and performance.
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Creating and managing brand image is a critical part of any retail business?s overall marketing plan. Yet research is lacking that demonstrates clear correlational links between cultural and socio-economic factors and branding imaging and performance in global markets, with particular regard for Internet-based businesses. The paper proposes a study to examine and identify the assorted cultural and socio-economic dimensional characteristics of foreign markets that are theorized to affect brand imaging and performance. The study proposes to obtain and analyze data from a multinational sample of internet business managers, representing 10 countries and 25 regions within these countries, in order to collect data related to the proposed study variables. The ramifications of the study findings for businesses that market brands globally over the internet and suggestions for further research are discussed. Chapter One includes an introduction and background of the problem and a theoretical framework for the study. This section is followed by a rational for this study, the research hypotheses and definitions of key concepts. Chapter Two presents an extensive literature review of the research topic and variables involved; this includes the concepts of brand image development, image branding strategies, cultural and socioeconomic market factors and product performance in the global market. Chapter Three presents information on the study?s methodology, including research design, sample, survey questionnaire, procedures and data analysis. Results are presented in Chapter Four. Chapter Five includes a discussion of the managerial and theoretical implications of the findings and suggestions for further research.

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"With so many new companies appearing daily on the Internet, the effective manager must develop a marketing plan that presents products to the largest possible audience of customers. This is where brand image formation comes into play, as products and brands are frequently used to express cultural principles and determine cultural categories. Since brands and products that cross cultural boundaries can lead to customer confusion (certain goods may not be valued for the same reasons across cultures), effective marketers must ensure that the values communicated by their products and brands are meaningful to customers in their target audience (Steinberg & Klein, 1998). Identifying the pertinent cultural and socio-environmental characteristics that satisfy consumer needs should help marketers choose brand image strategies that have the greatest potential."

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