Creating a Memorable Hajj to Medina Research Proposal by Nicky

Creating a Memorable Hajj to Medina
Describes a research project to re-evaluate the adjunct sites to create a memorable pilgrimage (hajj) to the city of Medina
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This paper first relates that the literature review supporting the research clearly indicates that the provision of adjunct tourism services to hajj pilgrims has become a growth industry. Next, the author outlines the purposes of the study to provide tour operators with verified information about relevant sites to enhance the hajj experience and to understand the elements that are important to these pilgrims.The paper suggests a secondary research methodology using a critical review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature and a primary methodology using a custom quantitative and qualitative survey of hajj pilgrims and tour service patrons designed to identify those elements of the experience that are deemed most important. The paper includes statistical tables and figures.

Table of Contents:
Statement of the Problem
Purpose of Study
Importance of Study
Rationale of Study
Overview of Study
Review of Related Literature
Background and Overview
The Hajj
The Prophet's City: Medina
Chapter Summary
Description of the Study Approach
Data-gathering Method and Database of Study
Steps to Research Survey Development and Administration

From the Paper:

"Since the birth of Islam, it has been a requirement that all Muslims who are able to do so must perform the Hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca at least once in a lifetime. Since the earliest days there are certain to have been those who have performed their pilgrimage before subsequently failing to return home for one reason or another. This suggests that the attraction to these holy sites and the region in which they are situated is sufficiently compelling to a large number of Muslims to make these areas highly attractive in terms of their potential as tourist attractions as well."

Sample of Sources Used:

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