Communication Apprehension in Small Group Settings Research Proposal by write123

Communication Apprehension in Small Group Settings
This paper provides a research proposal that suggests the development of a Web page to assist individuals with the issue of communication apprehension.
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In this article, the writer explains that the focus of the proposed research is to develop a Web page, which defines communication apprehension and which describes the effects of communication apprehension in group meetings. The writer describes that this involves the individual visiting the Web page and taking a self-administered, self-scoring test and then reviewing the information and self-help tools provided on the Web page. The writer points out that this Web page will enable communication among team-members allowing them to overcome communication apprehension and engage in communication that is reciprocal and effective. The writer maintains that research has shown that effective communication cannot take place within a group setting in which individuals have apprehension about communicating with one another.

Project Focus
Project Structure
Project Presentation
Brief Review of the Literature

From the Paper:

"The Web page will be presented in English and designed for employees whose organizations are moving toward or functioning in a team-based environment. A prototype will be used to develop the site and, as the developer. The researcher in this work will hold the responsibility for maintenance and necessary medications of the design. Still graphics such as bullets and photographs will be incorporated into the site, as will other tools, such as, fonts, titles and headings, links, blank space, and horizontal and ruling lines. There will be no need for security beyond that readily available to all sites, because this site's objective is to educate and aid. The life expectancy of this site is 5 or more years. By five years from now, it is anticipated that organizations will have come to realize that not all employees are alike and that they need to be trained to function in a team-based environment."

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