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Coal as an Energy Source
A research proposal exploring the environmental viability of coal as an energy source.
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The paper discusses how the use of fossil fuels is a threat to sustainability if current usage patterns continue to harm the environment and rely on an uncertain long-term supply. The paper looks at the use of coal and relates that there is an increased potential to exploit this abundant resource in a manner that is sustainable, produces minimal harm to the environment and meets growing energy demands until non fossil fuel energy resources can be developed. The paper discusses potential source material for this research.

The Potential of Coal for Meeting Future Energy Needs
Research Guide: Probing the Issue
Potential Biases: Navigating Personal Values and Issues
Potential Source Material for This Research

From the Paper:

"One of the most significant environmental issues affecting long-term sustainability is the world's extensive energy use. Despite claims that the world is dependent on oil, the situation is much more pervasive than that. In fact, modern societies are entirely dependent on energy. Fossil fuels are one of the most effective energy resources that civilization currently exploits. Technology and infrastructure for utilizing these resources are far more extensive than for any other kind of energy resource, currently making fossil fuels the preferred choice."

Sample of Sources Used:

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