Child Abuse and Substance-Abusing Parents Research Proposal by hoon4vr

A research proposal to study the effects of social support services on the reduction of child abuse by substance-abusing parents.
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This paper explains that the connection between substance-abusing parents and child abuse has been studied at length; however, there is a lack of research into the correlation between social support services and the reduction of child abuse by these parents. The paper then proposes a research study that will evaluate if social support networks, such as 12-step programs, rehabilitation programs and related community-based social services, could lead to a reduction of child abuse and substance abuse. The paper explains that the population for this study is parents of African-American children between the ages of two and ten years old, who have a high incidents of child abuse and substance abuse.

Table of Contents:
Problem Statement
Research Question
Literature Review
Human Subject Issues
Conceptualization and Operationalization
Research Design
Data Collection
Data Analysis

From the Paper:

"This is an area where family therapy can be especially facilitative. For families in which self-expression is considered a weakness, an empowerment approach can help define the family in terms of the unique forms, structures, and roles that clients are actually immersed in or are attempting to renegotiate, rather than in terms of an ideal unit. Clients should be supported in defining their families for themselves and then in using creative outreach strategies to actively involve the identified members in a variety of family sessions."

Sample of Sources Used:

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