Careers in Science and Gender Research Proposal by Nicky

Careers in Science and Gender
A research proposal for examining the extent and effects of gender bias in science education.
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This paper discusses the problematic issue of gender bias in science education, and presents a research proposal to determine its causes and ramifications. The paper states that the purpose of the research is to examine why gender bias exists in science education and how gender bias in education translates to fewer women in science related occupation and the effect of their absence on society. The writer notes that the research will also focus on solutions to this issue.

Statement of Problem
Purpose of the Research
Justification of the Study
Review of the Literature
Instruments Used to Collect and Analyze the Data

From the Paper:

"Gender Biases in Science education has long been a topic of debate. This issue is most evident in the absence of women that is often seen in science careers. The question of gender bias in science education has been asserted as the reason for gender disparities in science careers. Gender disparities in science are detrimental to women particularly in fields such as medicine and medical research. This detriment occurs because in many instances women are not present in these work environments to advocate for research pertaining to health issues that are most likely to effect women. As a result women are more likely to have fatal heart attacks and die from breast cancer because research has been slow to address these health issues. Perhaps if there were more women in the fields of science there would be more advocates that the rates of some of the aforementioned ailments would begin to decrease."

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