Brain Hemispheres and Learning Styles Research Proposal by academic

Brain Hemispheres and Learning Styles
A research proposal to improve elementary school teaching by appealing to each brain hemisphere so that all students benefit from lessons.
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This paper examines how, with each passing decade, the educational system discovers more elements with which to improve the way students are being educated, from inclusion to theories of multiple intelligence. It looks at how, with all of the changes and all of the theories, the bottom line remains that learning has to do with the way the brain processes information. It discusses that how the brain works has an important role, not only in the understanding of special education, but in learning in general, and how it is a vital part of education that is not studied outside of the special education field very often. It proposes a research project to determine the best way to educate students, based on appealing to both of the brain hemispheres. It focuses on elementary school students and their learning styles by appealing to each hemisphere to provide all students with the benefits of the lessons.

Statement of Problem
Literature Review
Terms and Definitions
Instrument to be Used
Method of Data Collection
Analysis of Data
Problems with Proposed Study
Importance of Study

From the Paper:

"At this point in the history of education most parents, students and educators are aware that students have different styles of learning. The nation has been through the seven different intelligence theories, the phonetics versus whole language formats and many other styles of trying to reach and teach the students. Students in elementary schools often find themselves the target of change as different theories and ideas are implemented. While all of the changes and experiments have enlightened the system even further to what works and what doesn't the end result is that students only absorb and process what their brain allows them too. The brain hemispheres are divided into two distinct halves. It has been long known that each side handles different aspects of absorption, processing and retention of information.
Each side of the brain handles certain functions. That is a fact that has been apparent for many years, however, the current focus needs to move to how to harness that knowledge to improve the education of elementary students."

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