Best CRM Practices in the Airline Industry Research Proposal by dannyel

Best CRM Practices in the Airline Industry
This paper presents a research proposal to investigate the idea that best customer relationship management (CRM) practice keeps airlines afloat against a turbulent business environment.
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This paper presents a thesis proposal that will examine the increasing use of customer relationship management (CRM) in the airline industry, which is currently beleaguered by soaring oil prices, rising global inflation and interest rates, instability in currency exchange rates and the overall slowdown of the global economy. The paper relates that the primary objective of the thesis is to determine if CRM practice is really the breakthrough management technique that can help solidify the financial position of an airline, which is considered one of the hardest businesses to manage. The writer proposes that this should be done through the case study approach, by conducting a relevant survey and interviews with airlines that have successfully weathered the ongoing fuel crisis and global uncertainties. Two successful companies are proposed as case study samples for the survey and extensive person-to-person interviews, namely, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. The writer concludes that the research aims to uncover from the CRM perspective how airlines succeed in delivering superior and convenient travel experience to forge a long-term relationship with customers.

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From the Paper:

"Whilst one airline after another goes out of business or on the edge of bankruptcy, a handful of airlines continue to operate profitably as if no crisis assails the industry at all. The most prominent of these successful airlines are Southwest Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines and EasyJet. These airlines are deemed successful not only in terms of revenues and passengers enplaned but also in terms of ratings for customer satisfaction. Southwest Airlines, for example, was recently honored by the US Department of Transportation for having the least number of complaints received from customers. It is interesting to see what management and operational strategies do these airlines employ to insulate their companies against the current economic crisis as well as the instabilities common to the industry, which can be highly instructive to both practitioners and students of management and marketing."

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